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We know that nutrition can play a vital role in the prevention of injury and the recovery from injuries and/or specific musculoskeletal conditions.  Finding the right combination of products to address specific conditions can be a daunting task.  Forté Elements has created pharmaceutical grade nutritional products that target specific conditions. Dr. Juergen's regularly prescribes Forté Elements joint support formula and Forté Elements amino acid product. We have seen great results using these products on patients suffering with osteoarthritis and for those patients experiencing musculoskeletal pain resulting from athletic activities.  Creating the necessary internal environment through proper nutrition can have a drastic effect on injury prevention and recovery.  Since using these products regularly over the past year, we have witnessed first hand the power of targeted nutrition.

As part of Dr. Juergens rehab practice, we routinely prescribe Forté Elements pre-op and post-op formulas to surgical patients preparing for, or recovering from surgery.   The surgeons that we work with on a number of sports medicine teams have also seen the significant benefits of these products and have become regular prescribers of Forté Elements products themselves. Our patients that take the Forté Elements pre-op and post-op formulas recover significantly faster.  

We have shared the science behind the Forté Elements products with each physicians that we regularly work with and the response from each physician has been wonderful.  Each of these doctors recognize the power of nutrition but until now, they just didn't know how or what exactly to prescribe.  So, they did nothing.  Now they have an answer.  Forté Elements has provided scientific based pharmaceutical grade nutraceuticals that target specific conditions.  Since being introduced to Forté Elements, we can now, with confidence, prescribe for patients a nutritional product that will help patients improve their active lifestyles and recovery faster!  

Thank you Forté Elements!